Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Kolotibablo is a website that pays people to write a captcha, this website has been running for more than 5 years and always pay, I myself have felt the results so far. I get about $ 2 an hour, a day to work for 5 hours I have earned $ 10 per day with an input speed of 1000 captcha hour.

why I can get 2 $ / hour? because this website uses a system of rating, the higher your rating the nominal value that you can be more high, The ratings obtained on the basis of the number of captcha that has been inputted.

for an explanation of ratings please see below:

The beginner bonus: + 0% of total input captcha: 0
Younger Sticker Bonus: + 2% of the total input captcha: 100
The senior Sticker Bonus: + 5% total input captcha: 1000
Silver hammer bonus: + 8% of the total input captcha: 5000
Gold hammer bonus: + 10% of total input captcha number: 10000
the smith bonus: + 15% of the total input captcha: 18,000
The gold smith bonus: + 20% of the total input captcha: 30,000
Kuvaldo bonus: + 25% of total input captcha number: 50000
Gold kuvaldometr bonus: + 30% of the total input captcha: 80,000
T he younger borer bonus: + 35% of the total input captcha: 20000
The senior borer bonus: + 40% of the total input captcha: 170 000
Deformator bonus: + 50% of the total input captcha: 250 000

indeed when you are beginner level you will find it hard to get paid out, but trust me if you persevere you will achieve a profitable position and payment.


oDesk.com --- Best for Hourly Job

www.odesk.com --- One of the best Freelancing site for Employer and Worker. This is a great Outsourcing company/website. But they have some problem also. To know everything about oDesk.com Stay with us and read the Review.
Outsourcing websites are like as a market place where people search worker to do their work (we call them employer) and Other type of people who do the job (we call them worker/freelancer/coder/etc). But this market place is virtual. Working through internet, no country, no maps, no borders. You can work from India or Bangladesh or anywhere through this kind of websites. And you will get a job by Bidding for a Job.
They take 10% to 15% from Employer and Worker (from both) for a Particular job. It's their business. Some of the great Outsourcing/Freelancing websites are --- www.freelancer.com, www.odesk.com, www.elance.com, www.getacoder.com, www.vworker.com, www.guru.com, etc etc.
oDesk.com ---  Positive Points
1. Not so hard to create an account.
2. Their Exam system is very popular and it's free. You can develop your skill with the Exams.
3. Hourly Jobs are available more than other sites.
4. This is a Legit site, they pay timely.
5. They have several payment system, so you can choose yours.
6. They have upfront payment system to start a job by having advance payment.
7. You can work like an office but your freedom is in your hand.
8. I will say that this is the best outsourcing website for Advance skilled people.
Negative Points
1. They have a software to use when you work. This software is free and you can download from their website. This software you you have install and must login when you work a particular job, for guaranty payment (For Hourly Job only). This software send information like your Mouse Click Amount, Keyboard Press Amount, Your Monitors Screenshots etc etc Information. Thus your employer get information either you working or not.
Now, the problem is - you can't work without this software and sometimes this software make trouble during the installation. It just can't do the installation process.
2. They don't give you any guaranty of payment for Fixed Price Work.